How We Compare

Personalization Gets Results!

Homeowner Postcard Marketing

If you are not using personalized postcards you are wasting time and money!

They speak to each prospect on a 1:1 basis!

Personalized direct mail is the single most effective way to market insurance products and services, and INCREASE INCOME!

If personalized postcards are not part of your marketing strategy then you are missing a big opportunity to have more customers and make more money.

How We Compare:



Our Competitors

Custom Postcard Design: Free – Each postcard is designed to maximize your return. Each postcard is dynamic with a marketing message that is personal to each prospect. Design Fee is usually $75 to $300. Also, your postcard cannot have a variable marketing message that is personalized to each the prospect. This is important
Targeted by x-date: Targeted means sending your prospects a beautiful postcard about their homeowner insurance needs 30 – 75 days before they need to renew their policy. ?
Variable Data Personalization: Included – Marketing 4 Insurance allows your design to make use of targeted data, including insurance policy and rate specific to the homeowner. Not Available – Usually each piece is exactly the same regardless of household demographics, and the address is printed later with an ink jet printer.
Homeowner Insurance Policy and Rates on Each Postcard: Using your best policy and rates we include a specific homeowner insurance proposal based on year built & size. Prospects love this information. ?
Data / Mailing List: Targeted, fresh data is INCLUDED for our homeowner program Data cost vary from $.10 to $.20 per lead.
Printing: INCLUDED – We print ONLY what is needed for each mailing, allowing you to modify your design in between each mail drop Varies from 50 cents down to 8 cents per piece. But, best pricing requires you to print all pieces at once to be mailed over the course of your program.
Postage: Included On average, competitors charge $.24 per piece. Plus their cost does not include fast delivery via Priority Mail.
Delivery Nationwide within 5 – 7 Business Days: Included – We use Priority Drop Shipping to get your postcards to the nearest main USPS facility incredibly fast! ?
Modify Design During Campaign: Included – During the course of your marketing campaign you can refresh your design and marketing message to maximize your return. Not allowed since your postcards are usually all printed at once on a offset press or you pay a charge each time.
Addressing: Included – We address each piece as we print using the same fonts as in the design for a cohesive and integrated appearance. Charges you $.05 to $.10 extra per mail piece. After stock is printed, it is usually run through an ink jet printer for addressing.
Glossy UV Coating for a Professional Look: IncludedUV is the hardest and most professional paper coating available. It makes color POP for an eye-catching appearance. Also, UV protects your postcard from USPS machinery. Either Not Available or $.03 to $.05 extra per postcard. Many companies use Aquerous coating. It does not compare to UV.
Mailing Service: Included Most charge you $.03 to $.10 extra per mail piece.

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