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Super Deluxe Postcards (11" by 5.66")

Deluxe Postcards (8.5" by 5.5")

Super Deluxe Postcards (11" by 5.66")

Deluxe Postcards (8.5" by 5.5")

Super Deluxe Postcards (11" by 5.66")

Deluxe Postcards (8.5" by 5.5")

General Marketing Area - WHERE DO YOU WANT TO MARKET?

Enter a city or county name (possibly a couple cities or counties) or a series of zip codes.

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YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: What makes your agency or insurance company special and sets you apart from your competition?

  • Do you have a lot of experience as an agent?
  • Are you a resident, or long-term resident of the area you're marketing to?
  • Do you offer a convenient location or hours?
  • Do you or your staff speak other languages?
  • Are your competitors raising rates or omitting important coverage types?
  • Do you offer discounts that cater to specific niches or populations?
  • What are your marketing goals and objectives?

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