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Use Commercial Insurance Marketing To Increase Your Agency Income!

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Our company has over 27 years experience helping insurance agencies throughout the US grow their business with innovative, turnkey commercial insurance marketing programs.

Our Commercial Insurance Marketing program includes everything… Design, Data, Printing, Mailing Service and more, all for one price.

This leaves you and your staff free to talk to prospects and sell insurance!

We Offer Two Different Commercial Insurance Marketing Programs:

Apartment or Commercial Building Owners:

This program targets Apartment Building Owners and/ or Commercial Building Owners. Just like our homeowner program, we select leads by x-date and property type. Generally the area is by county. We mail personalized postcards to the building owners with property details and associated insurance details by expected renewal date.

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Businesses by SIC:

This program targets businesses by SIC. So if you wanted to target mail ALL automotive repair businesses within a specific area, we design a postcard to your exact specifications and mail on a scheduled basis. Since we do not have an insurance renewal date, we suggest repeat mailings to your prospects at least once every three months. REPEAT MAILINGS ARE YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS!

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Strategy For Success:

We have found that good strategies for success with commercial insurance marketing are:

  • Have multiple campaigns going to different business types.
  • Be consistent in marketing. Be patient! It takes time to obtain success so don't pull the plug too quickly.

When we say "have multiple campaigns" we mean that you should target multiple business types. For example, target restaurants, automotive repair and heating & air conditioning contractors within a specific area. We will design you a postcard for each business type. You set a predictable mailing schedule and let us get it out each time on schedule.

Increase Your ROI With Variable Data Personalization!

This is INCLUDED With Your Commercial Marketing Program. Also Included in your commercial program is postcard design, full color printing, variable data personalization and mailing service. Since we must purchase leads for your specific needs, data is a separate items. When mailing to business owners this cost is usually one time. For building owners, we purchase data as we go and each mailing will include a small data charge.

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