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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions better answered on the phone, where can I call?

Call TOLL FREE (800) 543-5439. But before calling please look over the web site and this FAQ for your answers.

If I want to change zip codes, can I?

Yes so long as the zip codes are available.

What about selecting a marketing area and zip codes?

On the web site, one of the first steps you do is select zip codes. You will first select your state and county. A listing of zip codes with average monthly counts will appear. You can then check the zip codes you wish to include in your marketing.

What happens after the initial three months?

Your contact reverts to a month to month situation. You retain exclusive use of your zip codes as long as your bill remains paid and current. If you want to stop marketing merely notify us by fax or email. Once you stop mailing, we will make your zip codes available to others who might want to market that area.

I noticed your contract is for 3 months. Why?

In our experience it takes a number of mailings to prove the effectiveness of a direct mail program. Your first mailing occurs 45 to 75 days before the first expected renewal date. Many people will not renew their insurance until just before it expires. Thus you might not know how effective the first mailing was until the end of the first renewal month. By that time you should have performed three mailings.Also, if you are mailing 1,000 postcards per month, you would have 3,000 postcards in the hands of prospects at the end of the third mailing month. This means you have contacted 3,000 households who can benefit from your services. This creates opportunity for you and generates phone calls.

Please explain your data and billing cycle.

As you know, we use a title transfer month of current month + 2 as the basis for data selection. So for renewals occurring in June, you will receive a bill for those leads around April 15th, for July leads a bill should arrive around May 15th, etc. We try to stay 45 - 75 days ahead of the first renewal within a target renewal month. Remember, renewals occur throughout the month so for the first renewal, we could be 40 days out and for the last renewal, we could be 70 days out.

Must we take all the available leads within a zip code?

No. But, because they are reserved exclusively for you, we ask that you take at least 75% of the available leads in each zip code you select. The leads can be filtered down by a combination of year built and square footage.

Do you mail to different prospects each month?

Yes. Each month we select data based on an expected renewal month. That ensures the data is different each month.

What criteria do you use when selecting data?

The prospects we select are owners who occupy single family homes. Generally, the homes are at least 1,000 square feet in size and have been built in the past 30 years. We use a title transfer date as an approximation of homeowner insurance renewal date. We select those homes whose insurance is expected to renew 45 to 75 days in the future.

How current is your data?

Our data is updated monthly. We purchase data from a nationally recognized data vendor and offer it as a "value added" part of our product. We do not sell you the data.

I noticed your postcards have a reference number on them. Why?

For ease of communications between you and the prospect and to make the postcard feel more like a "personal" communications. Each postcard will have a unique personal reference number. The reference number is comprised of the renewal month plus the lead number within the renewal month. This reference number can be used by the prospect when communicating with you and removes the problem of names pronunciations, etc.

What causes people to change insurance providers?

The reason varies. Certainly how much one pays is important. But other factors include:

  • They have not talked directly with their agent for years.
  • They want to place all their insurance with one company.
  • They want a real local agent to help them.
  • Their claims service experience was poor.

Your postcard is very personal and people respond to the colorful design. Many of our clients receive complements on the postcard. If a family is inclined to make a change in insurance agencies; your postcard will set the stage for them to call you!

Why does your homeowner program work?

It works well because we offer pertinent and specific information to prospects about their homeowner insurance in a timely manner. Generally, the prospect will need to make a decision about homeowner insurance within the next 45 to 75 days. Do they merely renew without checking for a better rate? Or do they call someone? Your postcard is much better than looking in the yellow pages for an insurance agency and, because you alerted them, they are likely to call you before renewing. In summary, the reasons it works are:

  • It is targeted and timely!
  • It is relevant to them since it is about their home!
  • It is eye appealing! The personalization adds appeal.
  • It provides a benefit to them! (less cost, better company, better service, etc.

How well does this program work?

We have some clients who say that they achieve up to a 5% response rate. Typical is generally .5% to 1.5%. It depends on the competitiveness of your policy and on your sales skills. Our primary objective is having your phone ring with people who you want to insure. Direct mail allows you to be selective. It is also much more non-intrusive than phone solicitation.

Is providing INSURANCE MARKETING SOLUTIONS your primary business?

YES. Our team of insurance marketing professionals is entirely focused on providing marketing programs in support of insurance professionals like you. That is our full time and only job.

How long have you been providing this marketing program?

For over 20 years. We first started this type of marketing for our own use as insurance professionals. It worked so successfully that we had many other agencies asking if we could provide them with our marketing. The business took off from there.

Just to be clear, you provide postage as well as data?

YES. We want to make marketing simple for you. For a fixed fee per postcard, we provide everything! We take care of all the details leaving you and your staff time to talk with prospects and make sales.

What does your homeowner marketing program provide?

WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING! Not only do we provide a beautiful DELUXE postcard we also provide POSTAGE, DATA, INSURANCE POLICY PROGRAMMING, POSTCARD DESIGN and MAILING SERVICE. Each time we mail postcards for you, we send you a listing containing the name, address, year built & size, and insurance factors such as calculated policy information for the home.

How does your homeowner program work?

We custom design a postcard for your agency which targets owners of single family homes within your marketing area. The postcard is digitally printed with specific policy information based on the year built and size of the home. It is mailed to prospects whose homeowner insurance is expected to expire within the next 45 to 75 days.

Why target homeowners?

Insurance industry statistics say that there is the need for 7 or more insurance policies in each household. We want to tap into that potential. For example, most homeowners need insurance for the home and two or more automobiles. Most need life insurance in the event one of the breadwinners unexpectedly dies. Many homeowners also own boats and recreational vehicles, which need insurance. They also own rental properties as a retirement investment. Finally, just about all business owners are also homeowners. So once you have insured their home they are more inclined to let you talk to them about business insurance.The key to gaining a family's trust and business is the home! That is their castle. The great thing about targeting the home is "we can TARGET the need". That is we can use the purchase date of the home as a guide for when the homeowner's insurance should expire.

What are you offering?

A proven, results oriented direct mail marketing program that targets HOMEOWNER INSURANCE.

What do I need to do to get started?

Click on "Zip Code Availability" and follow the ordering process. This will take you through choosing zip codes, picking a postcard and printing options and filling out your contact information. Once you submit your order, we will email you the additional forms you will need to fill out. These forms include:

  1. Policy Profile. This tells us about the homeowner policy you want to offer. As you know, many important coverage items like Personal Property and Loss of Use are merely percentages of the Dwelling / Replacement Cost amount. Some, like Liability are a fixed amount like $300,000. We need to know the percentages for those coverage that are a percent of the dwelling, and the fixed amount your desire for liability and any other coverage that is a set amount.
  2. Replacement Cost Information. This tells use what replacement cost factors to use for the typical home at various sizes.
  3. Rate / Premium Information. This provides us with premiums / rates relative to the policy you typically like to offer. The rates / premiums are provided in increments of $20,000 replacement cost. Our software will calculate the premium by first determining the replacement cost and then calculating the premium based on your rate table. Each zip code you select must be associated with a rate table. We allow you to make that association when completing the rates table form. You may have more than one rate table, in fact you can have many rate tables. This allows you to provide accurate rates by zip code.
  4. New Home Discount Information. Since the new home discount is a function of the year built we can apply that discount automatically based on our data. We need to know the discount percentage for a home built this year, this year - 1, this year - 2 and so forth. The form explains how to determine the new home discount using your rate quotation system.
  5. Contract. This spells out the terms of our mutual obligations.
  6. Start Your Order!

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