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Homeowner Marketing

On your behalf, we mail beautifully designed insurance marketing postcards or brochures to homeowner prospects in your area on a x-date targeted basis. The objective is to increase your income by gaining more customers for your agency.

For increased response rate, we incorporate sophisticated personalization into each design. We target each home based on the expected insurance renewal date, and with your specific insurance policy information based on actual year built.

The Best Prospects

For our homeowner program, we target single family, owner occupied homes. Homeowners are obviously your best prospects for homeowners insurance, however that is just the start. Homeowners are also great prospects for auto insurance, because almost all homeowners will have 1, 2 or more vehicles that need to be insured. They are also more likely to own recreational vehicles. Most homeowners could use a life insurance, or mortgage protection policy to help protect their family's future, and homeowners are more likely to be business owners, and thus can be great prospects for business or commercial insurance policies as well.

The average American homeowner will have a need at some point for about 7 separate insurance policies, and our Homeowner Marketing Program is a great way to build name recognition and long term relationships with the homeowners in your area.

Best Prospects

Send Estimates for Every Home

As part of our homeowner marketing program, we can provide unique homeowners insurance estimates for every home. This estimate would be based on the size and year built of the home, along with some some sample quote information that you would provide.

This estimate is a great way to catch a prospect's attention and gives them some tangible numbers to compare against their current policy. This helps get them actively involved and increases the likelihood they will call you for more information.

Send Estimates for Every Home

Exclusive Marketing Areas

Exclusive Marketing Areas, You Pick The Zipcodes!

We give you EXCLUSIVE mailing rights to the zip codes you are marketing to. This helps protect your marketing investment, and maximizes your response, by minimizing competition in the areas you are marketing to.

Expiration-Date Targeted

Expiration-Date Targeted Prior To Renewal

Homeowner postcards are mailed approximately 30-45 days prior to the "X-Date" or title transfer date of the home, which is generally when the homeowners insurance renews. This means prospects will receive your postcard around the same time they should be receiving a renewal notice from their current insurance company.

We Take Care of Everything!

No Worries, We Take Care of Everything!

Our homeowner marketing program includes everything…Design, Data, Printing, Postage and Mailing Service, all for one price. This leaves you and your staff free to talk to prospects and sell insurance.

Personalization Is The Key To Direct Mail Success!

Personalize Each Postcard That Gets Mailed!

Each insurance marketing postcard is personalized to the prospect. If your direct mail is not utilizing variable data in the design, you are spending too much money for too little results. Let us help you achieve a better return on your direct mail dollar!

Homeowner Program Benefits

Insurance industry statistics say that in every single family home there is the need for at least seven (7) insurance policies. The question you need to answer is:

"What is the best way to build a relationship with owners of single family residences in my area?"

That's where we come in!

Each Insurance Marketing Postcard Is Unique And Personal!

Our marketing system delivers beautiful, personalized and professionally written insurance marketing postcards to homeowner prospects in your area.

Each postcard is unique to that homeowner which increases the likelihood of response.

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Reliable Homeowner Marketing Plan

You cannot grow without a solid marketing plan. We can help you.

We have 26 years experience providing quality, professional direct mail marketing for insurance agencies all over the USA.

Reach All Prospects!

Direct mail is the most effective method of reaching 100% of the qualified prospects within your marketing area.

Guaranteed Results For Your Company

Our Postcards Get Results!

It's not how much a postcard costs… but it is the number and quality of prospects who respond. We have 26 years of experience producing result oriented marketing for insurance agents, brokers and companies.

Worry-Free Mailing Schedule

Every Month…Without Fail!

We know how difficult it can be to keep a direct mail program going month over month. The work can be overwhelming. With us your marketing is guaranteed to be sent each month! We do all the work, leaving you and your staff time to talk to prospects and sell policies.

See Who Your Marketing Campaign Is Reaching

Mailing Report: PDF, Printed Or Both

Each time we mail, we send you a mailing report which lists the name, address and physical characteristics of the home. Additionally, it will show the policy information used to produce the postcard.

Personalization Is The Key To Direct Mail Success

Personal, Pertinent Information Helps The Return!

The postcard is based on specific facts about the property derived from county property records. Each postcard is specific and personal to the prospect. It is sure to generate interest.

Time Targeted Direct Mail Success

Targeted Insurance Marketing Postcards Increase Return!

Postcards are mailed based on our best estimate of when the homeowner insurance expires. This targeting increases your results!.

No Ongoing Payments

Single Fee Pays For All!

We have a single fee per postcard that includes; Postage, Printing and Mailing. There is no set up fee unless you have extraordinary requirements.

4 Easy Steps To Start Your Marketing Program!

We make it hassle free. We provide design, data, printing and mailing service for a fee per postcards based on volume.

This allows you to accurately budget for your direct mail program. Since we do all the work it frees you and your staff to speak with new prospects and make sales.

JUST SO YOU KNOW…WE NEVER TAKE CREDIT CARD OR BANK INFORMATION ONLINE. We feel that protecting customer financial information is paramount. We will make personal contact with you once your order is placed.

1. Select Your Marketing Area Using The Zip Code Look-up Tool

You select your zip code marketing areas around a central address. The concept behind Neighborhood marketing is branding your agency, and you personally, as the premier agency and agent within a geographical area.

Select Your Marketing Area

2. Select A Postcard Size & Design

The only reason to select a design from our sample library is to give us an idea for your postcard design. It is a starting point. We will customize the design to you exact specifications. Everything is changeable on our samples.

We want to design you a postcard you are proud of.

Homeowner Marketing Postcards

3. Tell Us About You And Your Agency

On the order form, we ask for information about you, your agency and the companies you represent. This information can be incorporated into your design to add a "personal touch" to your postcard.

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4. Last Step…Confirm Your Order!

The final step will have ALL the details of your order, zipcode areas, postcard design & size, quantities, etc. At this time you can go back and make changes, or just place your order.

We accept payment by credit card or check.

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The Insurance Marketing Postcard Design Phase

The Insurance Marketing Postcard Design Phase

Our goal is to design a postcard that works. Once we complete your initial postcard design, we will email you a PDF proof of that design. If you would like to make changes, just tell us and we will make those changes and email you a new proof. This continues until you have a design you are completely satisfied with.

We will ask you to approve the design for your mailing in writing (e­mail).

Policy & Premium Information

Policy & Premium Information – Fillable PDF Form

Each insurance marketing postcard will contain an actual policy example for their home based on their home size, year built and zip code. The postcard can provide the estimated premium for the policy or, if you prefer, a call to action for them to call you for their premium on that policy. You will need to provide us this information. When you place an order, we will e-mail you a fillable PDF form to capture all the needed information. The form explains step-by-step exactly what we need.

Mailing…Month After Month!

Mailing…Month After Month, Worry Free!

Once we have an approved design and you have paid the first invoice, we print and mail your insurance marketing postcards. Each month we e-mail you an invoice. When you pay we print and mail your postcards.

Provide Us Your Logo And/Or Graphics

Provide Us Your Logo And Other Photos Or Graphics

We have an extensive library of photos and graphics but if you want a photo of you or your staff on the postcard, you would need to send that to us. If you have a company logo we will need that from you as well.

Reference Numbers

Reference Numbers

Each postcard will have a personal reference number. This reference number is used by the prospect when communicating with you and removes the problem of hard to pronounce names, etc.

All Inclusive!

All Inclusive!

Design, data, postage, printing, addressing and mailing service is included. Don't be fooled by paying extra for these things elsewhere. Besides, we are the premier direct marketing provider for insurance agencies.

Start Your Order!

Start Your Order!

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What Our Customer's Are Saying!

"The Service Is Excellent From The Company And They Really Work With Us To Get The Details Right!"

We have used Marketing by Mail for our Insurance Agency for the last several years. The service is excellent from the company and they really work with us to get the details right and make sure we are sending out a quality product about our company.

We receive leads consistently from prospects who receive our mailers and have gained some excellent clients because of this marketing effort. The cost vs benefit of their services has been well worth it!

- Josh L - Colorado Springs, CO

"We Can't Say Enough Good things About Drew & His Team At Marketing 4 Insurance!"

We can't say enough good things about Drew & his team at Marketing 4 Insurance. We have beenusing his program for 2 years now & seen a 250% return on our investment.

- Doug L. - Clearwater, FL

"In 11 Years We Have Grown Our Agency From Scratch To Over $15 Million In Personal Lines Premiums!"

In 11 years we have grown our agency from scratch to over $15 million in personal lines premiums. Marketing By Mail has played a significant role in that growth. The staff at MBM has been very responsive and flexible in assisting us in developing custom cards to best fit our particular needs.

We started using Marketing By Mail in 2007 and next to our referral program it has been the number one source of new business to our agency. Our staff knows when a mailer has hit by the increased call volume. Obviously the ROI has been great as we have continued these mailing for the past 9 years. We highly recommend Marketing By Mail for any insurance agency.

- Michael R. - Delray Beach, Florida

"Accommodating, Professional, Helpful, And Quick!"

Accommodating, professional, helpful, and quick. I am impressed by their capabilities. Highly recommended.

- Chris M. - Boca Raton, F

"Marketing By Mail Has Been The Answer!"

Our agency has been successfully utilizing Marketing by Mail for Personal Lines for over seven years to support the marketing initiatives of multiple Producers. We initially piloted the program as an alternative means of homeowners lead generation within the heavily advertised New York/Connecticut media market. We frankly could not realistically compete with the resources of the national direct writers in this geographic area and were looking for a cost-effective alternative to complement our social media strategy. Marketing by Mail has been the answer. Its surgical approach to target specific demographics with a professional looking personalized message stands out in the crowded insurance advertising field.

Their flexible team is a pleasure to work with as we occasionally update copy, revise rates and test different zip codes. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a novel, cost-effective lead generation program.

- Gary A. - Fairfield, Connecticut

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