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We don't need to tell you that MARKETING is the single biggest challenge facing insurance agencies. Finding new customers to replace those lost or to grow agency income is a major challenge that some agencies never overcome! Without a solid marketing plan agencies experience a "death spiral"

Marketing4insurance.com was created to give you a better way to build a quality book of business. In such a busy world, this can be a difficult task. Look at your busy day - customer issues, budgets, paying bills, staff issues, training, continuing education...the list goes on.

Now imagine if you could send a beautiful personalized postcard to homeowners in your area whose insurance will expire in the next several months. And what if that system could be automated, so you and your staff would be free to concentrate on bringing in additional revenue?

Built Specifically for Insurance Agents and Brokers!

For almost 30 years, we have provided insurance agents with direct mail advertising. We were the original innovators of providing letters and post cards with specific policy rating information. We are a direct mail advertising agency, which caters to the specific marketing needs of insurance agents.

We know how hard it is to grow your business. Many marketing campaigns fail simply because they are not implemented on a regular basis. How many of your good marketing ideas failed because you and your staff got bogged down in the day-to-day demands on your time? Think about the needs of a good direct mail marketing campaign; quality data, quality printing, postage, addressing, mailing service and more.

Why spend your time on these non-insurance related activities when Marketing4insurance.com can provide a high-quality turnkey program that takes care of all aspects of a direct marketing campaign? Spend your time selling insurance, and making money.


Quality Built In - How It Works:

First, we make it hassle free. It is completely turnkey. You select your best marketing zip codes, select a postcard design from our hundreds of design ideas and tell us some details about you and your agency. We then design your postcard to your EXACT specification. This is FREE. You review the design and make any changes desired. We revise and then send you another proof. This design phase continues until you are 100% satisfied.

Once you design is complete, we send you an invoice. Once it is paid we mail your postcards and send you a listing of who was mailed. (Prospect list).

We have a simple postcard fee system. Based on monthly volume you pay a fee per postcard, which takes care of marketing data, design, printing, UV coating and mailing service. This pricing system allows you to budget for your direct mail program. Other venders have all sorts of "hidden cost". They charge for mailing service or data or UV coat and so on. You get a surprise when you receive the invoice.

What's important is the EXCLUSIVE ZIPCODES! Yes, once you select zip codes those zip codes are no longer available to other insurance agents.

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