Top 10 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

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In this interactive age when everyone is blogging, watching YouTube and updating on the social networks, why consider sending a humble postcard? Because it works.

Response rates for direct mail are 21 times higher than newspaper, 19 times higher than radio and 47 times higher than TV, according to a study by the Direct Marketing Association.

Professional marketers still believe in the power of direct mail and so should you. In a recent survey, customers chose direct mail as the preferred medium for receiving and evaluating information about products, over both email and telemarketing.

If numbers alone don't speak to you, here are 10 reasons to choose direct mail to increase your ROI.

  1. Saturation. Not everyone subscribes to the newspaper. Not everyone listens to the radio at the same time, on the same station. Not everyone watches TV or browses the Internet. But we all get the mail – every day. Direct mail is the only medium where you can virtually reach every household in your community.
  2. Less competition. Think of all the ads you hear daily on the radio. See on TV. Pop-up online. Delivery to your email box? Do you read every one? How many messages would be competing with yours if you chose one of these media? Now think of your mailbox. How many pieces of mail do you receive daily? There's not nearly as much competition vying for your attention in your mailbox as in these other media.
  3. Refine your audience. Select those most likely to respond. With direct mail, you don't just hit the target – you hit the bullseye. With Marketing4Insurance mailing services, your company can choose the neighborhoods you wish to mail to, eliminating those who may not be the right audience for you. For example, if you want to target only Homeowners in a specific zipcode, you probably don't want to mail to any renters within that zipcode. With our Zipcode Select services, you only target the Homeowners!
  4. Less waste. Internet, TV, radio, newspapers – they cover a broad area with thousands upon thousands of people. Their cost per thousand is relatively low. But you only want to reach people that are within your three- or five-mile vicinity. So why pay for thousands of others?
  5. Longer shelf-life. Radio and TV ads are gone instantly. Newspaper ads are gone tomorrow. Consumers often hang on to direct mail that they're interested in and refer to it several times as well as sharing it with others. It's got your map. Your phone number. Your service times. And it's often found on the refrigerator.
  6. One-two punch. Your direct mail postcard hits – and attracts – them first with an eye-catching, four-color design and compelling headline. Then it draws them in and gives them all the information they need. Most other media give you either/or: you either get an eye-stopping image (TV) with very few facts or a mediocre image (black/white newspaper) but more information. Choose the medium that packs the punch.
  7. Good Stewardship. With targeted mailing lists and low postage rates, sending direct mail is a cost-effective way to do outreach. You reach the people you want for the lowest postage possible! PLUS Marketing4Insurance can even do ALL the mailing – saving you time and mileage.
  8. You choose where your message appears. With other media, your message runs wherever it will fit – even right next to your competition – unless you're willing to pay top dollar to secure a specific spot. Direct mail gives you full control: you know exactly where (whose mailboxes) your message will hit.
  9. Customize your message. Every Marketing4insurance direct mail postcard order includes two hours of FREE graphic design time so you can get a postcard that fits your companies message the best. Check out hundreds of designs available on our website to get ideas or we can create a completely new design just for you.
  10. Extremely personal. Also included in our pricing, you can choose a postcard personalized with the recipients first or family name on the front and back of the card – along with their current homeowner insurance policy information, increasing response rates up to 200% and bringing in more clients to your company!

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