Homeowner Insurance Marketing Program


  1. We will design your postcard using our design templates and your specifications, and will email you a proof for review.
  2. You should review the design and make any modifications and/or corrections. Closely check phone numbers and address information. Although we do our very best to to avoid mistakes, ultimately, the responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the information on the card is yours. Written approval, certifying that you have carefully examined all of the information on the card, and deem it to be entirely correct, is required before printing. Fax the revised proof back to us at (866) 444-2608 (toll free), or email us at: service@marketing4insurance.com. No cover sheet is needed.
  3. We will make corrections and/or modifications to your postcard and email you a revised proof. Again, you should make sure the postcard is exactly as you want it to look.
  4. We will continue this process until you are completely satisfied with the postcard.
  5. Once you have a proof that you like, you need to write "approved" on the postcard proof and return to us by fax or email.
    • You will receive a bill for your first mailing, which is generally to homeowners whose policies renew 3-6 weeks from today. We bill for the actual number of postcards mailed each month, which varies somewhat from month to month and season to season.
    • We have found that the most reliable, expedient, and secure method for payment is to fax back the invoice, which includes space for credit card information.
    • Our clients’ security and privacy are critical to us, so faxes arrive via a secure service (TrustFax) to a locked, private office. Look for a ‘payment received’ confirmation via email within one working day.
    • Agents directly control when the mailing goes out. We will print and mail the postcards within five business days of receipt of payment, or on a date the agent specifies on the invoice. Some agents choose to automate the process – ask us how.
    • We will send a printed list of who the postcards were mailed to via US mail.


Due to the time-sensitive nature of our mailing services, and the exclusive nature of our marketing programs, we require that email and telephone correspondence be returned within five working days.


To pay by credit card, complete the required information on the bill and then fax that to (866) 444-2608 (toll free). No cover sheet is needed. Your fax comes into a private, secure office so it is very safe. Once we receive payment, we will print your postcards and mail them. We will also mail you a list of who the postcards were mailed to. Remember, you are only billed for the actual number of postcards mailed each month. Anytime you want to pay your bill, your can fax us the credit card information and we will perform the mailing ASAP. Optionally, you can schedule your mailing by indicating on the invoice the date you would like us to mail your postcards or letters.

The contract period is defined as THREE (3) consecutive months of direct mail marketing. It takes any direct mail program at least three months to determine its success. Once the three month contract is satisfied the licensee may cancel at any time with proper notification.


The licensee will have exclusive rights to the single family homeowner or condo leads in the zip code(s) specified for the duration of this contract. That exclusive right may be maintained by the licensee so long as they continue to pay their monthly bill, and are mailing to a substantial majority of the leads available in those zip codes.


The direct mail solicitation marketing supplied under this contract and license come without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Under no circumstances shall MARKETING by MAIL, INC. be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use of, or inability to use this product, including but not necessarily limited to, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, or business information. The licensee is responsible for gaining appropriate approvals, IF REQUIRED, from their insurance company representative for their marketing design. It is understood that Marketing by Mail, Inc. is acting as a supplier of marketing to the licensee, and that we shall not be held liable for any act or actions, or failure of actions upon the part of the licensee to act in accordance with instructions of their insurance companies. Although we might be providing our marketing to other licensees, the licensee named in the contract shall not presume that their specific marketing has been pre-approved or endorsed by any specific insurance company. The individual licensee is to gain any necessary approvals for their specific design.


If Licensee desires to cancel all or part of this contract prior to the end of the agreed parameters, the Licensee shall be held liable for the balance due and agrees to pay all collection fees and/or court costs relating to efforts to collect monies due.


Service shall be deemed as rendered to the licensee when the mail pieces are delivered to and accepted by the U. S. Postal Service for delivery.

Although the United States postal service, for which there is, by law, no alternative, can generally be accepted as consistent, timely, and reliable, they do occasionally encounter delays and other mishaps for which Marketing by Mail, Inc., cannot be held liable.


After the initial three (3) month period, the licensee or Marketing by Mail, Inc. may cancel this contract. As a courtesy, we ask that notification of cancellation be made via normal communication channels with as much notice as is possible.


The licensee understands that the fee charged includes postage. If the U. S. Postal Service raises the postage rate during the initial 90 day contract period, the licensee agrees to a fee increase proportional to the postage rate change. After the 90 day initial contract period, the letter fee may be increased at the discretion of Marketing by Mail, Inc.

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YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: What makes your agency or insurance company special and sets you apart from your competition?

  • Do you have a lot of experience as an agent?
  • Are you a resident, or long-term resident of the area you're marketing to?
  • Do you offer a convenient location or hours?
  • Do you or your staff speak other languages?
  • Are your competitors raising rates or omitting important coverage types?
  • Do you offer discounts that cater to specific niches or populations?
  • What are your marketing goals and objectives?
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