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"I Have Used Marketing by Mail Since 2010. The Service And Cards Are Great!"

I have used Marketing by Mail since 2010. The service and cards are great! The information on the cards is very up to date and makes quite an impression to the homeowner.

I cannot say enough about them and the service they provide.

- Michael. P - North Andover, Massachusetts

"They Are The Most Professional And Accommodating People In Their Field!"

We have used the services of Drew and Marketing By Mail for several years. They are the most professional and accommodating people in their field, and their expertise in handling our mailings have permitted our niche market business to grow to several million dollars in premium!

Thank You!

- S.C. - Somers, New York

"Drew And Marketing By Mail Have Been An Important Part Of Our Agency's Success!"

Drew and Marketing by Mail have been an important part of our agency's success. We have been using them for 18 months and I couldn't say enough about their product and specially Drew's customer service.

They are friendly, fast and efficient and they will work with you to maximize your ROI. Our response and close rates have been the highest of any marketing campaign we have utilized and will keep using them as a big part of our growth strategy. Thank you Drew and Marketing4insurance.

- Sebastian de Almenara - Odessa, FL

"Without The Help Of Marketing By Mail We Would Not Be As Successful As We Are Today!"

We are proud to say that without the help of Marketing by Mail insurance marketing programs; we would not be nearly as successful as we are today! For the last 16 years we have advertised to Homeowners, Food Store Owners, Dry Cleaners and now Apartment Building Owners. We are getting ready to add on Commercial Buildings and we expect to have a positive response, just as we have had in the past.

The professionals at Marketing by Mail will create a marketing piece that is both eye-catching and informative. And because the team at Marketing by Mail handles everything from gathering the list, to printing the letters to stuffing, sealing, sorting for reduced postage, all we have to do is answer the phone! Consider that doing a marketing program like this yourself takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and the results are not proven.

The return on our investment has been great! It's a great 16 year relationship, and we highly recommend doing business with Marketing by Mail (Marketing4insurance.com). It's like having a hard working employee whose job is to drive customers right to our door!

Thank You!

- Roger Hayek - Westlake Village, California

"The Team At MBM Is Top Notch!"

Prior to discovering MBM, our new insurance agency was at a stand still. Sales were flat and we were spending a lot of our own time and money on mail advertising that was not working. Thanks to MBM, the postcard instantly boosted our sales and brought in many quality clients. We even had a couple of calls from people who said they just had to call to tell us how much they liked the personalized postcard. The team at MBM is top notch. Very responsive and accommodating at every step.

- Steve Roberts - Fullerton, California


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